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My Story
Food Award Certificate

My Name is Gabriel.


I studied to be a professional baker and confectioner at college in Hungary and also ended up winning 3rd place in a National Baker and Confectioner Competition.


While I was still living in Hungary I also completed a Raw Chef course.

After moving to London, I started working at a company called Lasting Impressions that made desserts for different airlines.


I had a job there as a pastry chef and a supervisor for 5 years.


During that time I noticed that there was a large demand for gluten free and vegan products that was not being filled.


As a result, I decided to create my own small business in 2013 that focussed on doing just that: making gluten free and vegan desserts.


I started by selling at the Richmond Duck Pond market, working my way up to vegan festivals and eventually taking orders from individuals and other small businesses.


In June 2017 I moved to Grasmere, Lake District. Here I have worked as a café assistant in the Grasmere Tea Gardens, and have recently moved to work as a pastry chef in the 4 star Daffodil Hotel.


I have sold at festivals here as well and have continued offering individual orders to anyone.

In 2020 I moved to West Cumbria and I offer gluten free and vegan sweets to anyone.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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